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We have developed and have capability to develop a range of Highly Reliable Customized as well as Generic products. They can be summarized as follows:

SMPS :  A wide range of SMPS ranging from couple of watts to several hundred KiloWatts and  topologies ranging from simple FlyBack Converter, Forward Converter, PFC  Front End, Full-Bridge, Phase-Shifted Full Bridge, Resonant or any new Topology that is in the process of being evolved. Applications can be ranging from simple DC power supplies, Battery Chargers, Electrolysis, Welding, etc. Also for 2-Quadrant and 4-Quadrant Applications.


DC-DC Converters: A similar wide range mentioned above in a choice of Topologies with efficiencies as high as 98% for applications like Fuel Cells Converters, Renewable Energy Converters (eg. Solar, wind-power), customizable in both shape and size to suit the application.


High Voltage Pulse Power Supplies: Pulse-Power supplies with sub-microsecond rise and fall times for a variety of High Energy Physics applications like Linear Accelerators (Linacs) and Radiation Therapy Machines. Voltage upto 50kV or above, Currents upto 100A and above.


High Voltage DC Power Supplies: For Voltages upto 60kV. Some applications are Sputter Ion Pumps which require voltages upto 7kVdc, High Voltage Testing, High Voltage Triode Guns, etc.


Constant Current DC Power Supplies:  Applications include Quadrapole magnets, Bending Magnets, Focusing Magnets, Electrolysis Applications, Welding Applications, etc.


Constant Current AC Power Supplies: For applications like 3-phase Variable Frequency Rotating Magnetic Field Eddy Current Testing, Eddy current distance measurement systems, etc.


Pulsed Current Power Supplies: For NDT applications like Eddy Current Testing, Atomic Emission Spectroscopy, etc.


EMAT Excitation Generators: Multi-channel 2MHz AC source with Burst Excitation characteristics for Electromagnetic Acoustic Transducer (EMAT) for NDT applications.


Sensored and Sensorless BLDC, AC Synchronous, AC Induction Motor Drives: Variety of Drives for special applications like Energy Storage/Recovery and for speeds upto 50000 rpm for motors like Halbach array motors.


Communication Protocols: Products are integrated with common protocols for RS232, RS422, RS485, CAN, etc.


EMI Compliance: Compliance of these products to commonly used EMI standards like CISPR and MIL 461.


Shock And Vibration Compliance: Product Compliance to common commercial, automotive or MIL-grade standards.


Environment Compliance:  Products which are compliant to IEC 529 code for IP ratings, JSS55555 or MIL-grade standards.

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